Mobile Applications


Given how much time users spend on their smartphones, mobile devices are crucial to the browsing and shopping experience. Rather than worry about conversions only happening on desktops and tablets, let our experts give your company the mobile advantage. The WebMilez team uses the leading mobile Web frameworks as well as its vast knowledge of iOS and Android platforms to guide your users along the path to purchase – whether that happens walking on the street or sitting on the couch at home.

Image Size Matters

For mobile users, the bigger and sharper the image, the better. Purchasing products and services on mobile devices depends on easy viewing and quick access. WM designs first for smaller mobile devices and then scales up for large screens

Device-Specific Customization

WM uses the ExtJS5 framework to build mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms. To expand mobile app functionality, we integrate customizations that optimize the unique capabilities of each device.

Clean, Grid-Based Design

A lot of people use their phones to comparison shop before making a purchase. We use the JQuery, PhoneGap and Sencha frameworks to exploit the functionality of mobile devices and create a rich user experience. The clean, grid-based design ensures that customers quickly find what they want.

Quick & Easy Checkout

A speedy checkout eliminates pauses that give way to rethinking a purchase and abandoning a cart. WM offers simplified checkout forms and auto-fill capabilities, which reduce the click count in completing an order. We also offer several payment gateways keep users on your site.